Joy of Quilts May 3, 10am -5pm/May 4, 9am - 4pm

10505 Cash Road Stafford, TX 77477

Friday May 3 10am - 5pm

Saturday May 4 9am - 4pm

Live Auction Saturday May 4 12pm


Tin Can Raffle

Block Party

Our Judges

Judy Taylor NQA Certified Judge

Judy Taylor

Judy Taylor became a National Quilting Association (NQA) Certified Judge in 2011. She is also a charter member of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges (NAQCJ). She met the requirements to evaluate Masterpiece Quilts in 2014, and is currently a qualified instructor for the Two-Day Introduction to Quilting Seminar. She currently judges on a local, regional and national level and prides herself on always providing constructive, supportive, and meaningful judging comments.  

Judy is a Past President of the National Quilting Association, Inc. (NQA), the Arizona Quilters Guild (AQG) and Arizona Longarm Quilters Association (AZLAQ).  

Judy currently lives in Scottsdale, AZ. In her spare time, she loves to travel, always visiting quilt shops and quilt shows along the way.

Karen Blocher NQA Certified Judge


Karen took her first quilting class in 1998, and has been involved ever since. She quickly joined the local quilting guild, where she held several offices and committee chairs. She served on the Board of Directors for the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show from 2000-2012, including two terms as Chairman of the Board. She was Secretary for the National Quilting Association from 2008 through 2012, and was a Co-Director of the National Quilting Association’s Annual Show in 2012 and 2013. She has been part of the management teams for 16 regional and national quilt shows and competitions. 

Karen is a National Quilting Association Certified Quilt Judge, and has judged locally, regionally and nationally since 2000. She has been involved in the judging of more than 12,000 quilts. She is a member of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges, and is qualified to judge Masterpiece Quilts.

She is also a Qualified Instructor for the Two Day Judging Seminar offered by the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges. This seminar is intended for those who wish to improve their quiltmaking skills, or to become quilt judges. Karen is a “Certified Threadologist” after completing a workshop offered by Superior Threads about the science of the many threads offered in the marketplace.

Having won numerous local, regional and national awards, her designs can be found in books and magazines, and her quilts have been commissioned by Indiana University and private collections. She spends her time judging, lecturing, designing and teaching. She also enjoys making quilts for competition, family and charity.  

Karen graduated from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. She and her husband live on 30 wooded acres near Bloomington, Indiana. They are parents to three grown sons and are grandparents to Jordan, Lee, Kira, Vivienne, James and Joelle, and another baby girl due in late Fall.  

Auction May 4, 2019 12PM

Live auction to be held at Stafford Centre on May 4, 2019 at 12PM.

Click the button for access to the Auction Quilt Entry Form.

Auction Quilt Entry Form

Block Party

Make a "Block" Quilt for the Block Party

  • Blocks must be between 8” square and 18” square finished.
  • Fabric must be traditional quilting fabric, pieced, batting added, quilted and bound. No sleeves. We appreciate your creativity in
    whole cloth panels and unique patterns, please save them for your beautiful quilts. These are donations.
  • Blocks need to be made from recognizable quilt patterns, i.e. squares, rectangles, Dresden Plate, flowers, Cathedral Window,
    Drunkards Path, Missouri Star, Tumbling Blocks, etc..
  • Add a half-square triangle in both of the back top corners so that a small dowel can be placed between the triangles for hanging.
  • You may put your name on the back of the Block but we will be adding a Quilt Guild of Greater Houston label as well.
  • The income from the sale of the blocks will support the ongoing charitable programs of QGGH.
  •   Blocks are due by April 1, 2019 to Genelle Long or any member of the Kendall Bee.

SLEEVES: No quilts will be accepted at check-in without a hanging sleeve!

 All quilts must have a sleeve stitched to the top of the quilt on the back for hanging the quilt.  

Where to add sleeves

Quilt less than 86" in length

4 inch sleeve at top of quilt that is less than 86" long

Wall-hangings and large quilts need a 4” or larger sleeve placed just under the binding at the top of the quilt. 

Quilts 86" or longer in length

Quilt 86" or longer, the bottom of 4 inch sleeve is 86" from bottom of quilt.

Quilts longer than 86” must have a sleeve attached no more than 86” from the bottom of the quilt.

Miniture Quilts

2 inch sleeve at top of quilt.

Miniature quilts must have a 2” or larger sleeve for hanging

Label Placement

Entry Preparations

Quilt back. Label is on bottom left of quilt.

LABELS: Each entry must have a label.

The label must include your name, title of the entry, and address. Please SEW labels securely to quilts on the lower left corner in the back. SEW labels securely to garments on the inside of the garment and attach securely to dolls or 3-D items under the base of the items. For judging, labels must be covered with fabric (please baste in place - do not use pins) so that maker(s) of items will remain anonymous during judging.

Joy of Quilts Forms and Information for Quilt Entry

2019  Joy of Quilts presented by Quilt Guild of Greater Houston

Joy of Quilts Entry Form

Please download, complete and turn in if you want to enter a quilt into the show.

For all the forms used in the show click on the drop down menu and choose Joy of Quilts Forms.

Entry Form

Entry Information and Rules (Scroll down for Vendor Info)

Find what is needed to enter, deadlines, rules, etc. for the show

Entry Info and Rules

Categories for the Joy of Quilts Show

See the list of requirements and categories.


Vendor Info

Rules, regulations and Contract Forms

Info for Vendors

Label and Sleeve Placement

Information on how and where to attach sleeves and labels.

Placement of labels and Sleeves


Use Signup Genius to signup to help before, during and after the show!

Signup Genius Link

All the forms you need for the show

Show Forms

Entry Information and Rules

  • Entries may not have been displayed in any quilt show in the State of Texas within the 13 months prior to May 1, 2019.
  • Each entry shall consist of:

  1.   Completed Entry Form
  2.   Fees – Appropriate fees must accompany each entry
  3.   Clearly Printed Photo of the Entry – Print entrant’s name, entry title and size dimensions of entry on the back of the photo.    

  • In-person acceptance of entry forms will begin being accepted at the January evening (1/15/19) and daytime (1/18/19) meetings. All entry forms, photos and applicable fees must be received by March 19, 2019 at either a daytime or evening meeting or through the mail.  
  • Number of entries will be limited based on space considerations. Confirmation of acceptance and Check-in information will be mailed to entrants by April 12, 2019.   
  • QGGH members have no limit in the number items entered: non-QGGH members may enter three (3). Entry fee for QGGH members is $10 per item. For non-QGGH entries, the entry fee is $20 per item. Entry fees are non-refundable after April 5, 2019.   
  • If entry is to be mailed/shipped back to entrant, a $30 fee must be included with entry form. 
  •  Each entry may have only ONE entrant. The name on the “Entrant” line must match the release signature on the form. Entrant must either be the owner of the item entered or must have been involved in the making of the item.  Each Entrant will be given a receipt for items that are checked in. Receipt MUST be presented to claim items at the end of the show. No entry will be released without a receipt. All entries must remain on display for the entire show. If someone other than the Entrant is picking up the entries after the show, that person must have the receipt and permission in writing by the Entrant to retrieve the show entries.  

By entering a quilt, permission is granted to the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston (QGGH) for the right to photograph the entry for its files, publicity or promotional purposes in all media types. This permission remains in effect and on file until revoked IN WRITING. I understand that I am responsible of insuring my own entry (entries). I and all those claiming through me, hereby release QGGH and its members from all liability in connection with the display and use of the described entry. I understand that no responsibility for loss or damage to my entry (entries will be assumed by QGGH, its officers, agents or volunteers.

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QGGH 2019 Joy of Quilts Show Category Rules

Unless otherwise specified below an entry will consist of:

1. Quilt top 2. Batting 3. Backing and 4. All layers shall be held together as one unit.

  • 100:​   First in a Show: This category is for your first quilt ever entered into a show of any kind. The entry may be of any construction technique, any size and have any finishing method. 
  • 200:​   Pieced 1 Person: Any pieced quilt with the longest side 72” or larger, constructed, pieced, quilted, etc. by only 1 person to finish the project. 
  • 300:​   Pieced 2 or more People: Any pieced quilt with the longest side 72” or larger, constructed, pieced, quilted, etc. by 2 or more people in order to finish the project. 
  • 400:​   Pieced Wall Hanging Large: Any pieced wall hanging with the longest side at least 48” but not to exceed 72”.                 
  • 500:​   Pieced Wall Hanging Small: Any pieced wall hanging with the longest side less than 48”.
  • 600:​   Appliqué: Quilts in this category are constructed by attaching pieces of fabric with thread to a background by either hand and/or machine. There are no size restrictions in this category.
  • 700:​   Mixed Technique Large: Any quilt that displays a balance of two or more specific quilting techniques (ie: pieced, appliqué, etc). At least one side must be 72” or larger.
  • 800:​   Mixed Technique Small: Any quilt that displays a balance of two or more specific quilting techniques (ie: pieced, appliqué, etc). The longest side must be less than 72”.
  • 900:​   Group Quilt: Any quilt, any size completed by more than two people. 
  • 1000:​  Miniature: Any quilt that has been proportionately reduced in scale, no side longer than 18” and has no individual pieced/appliquéd block with any side larger than 4” excluding the quilt border(s).
  • 1100:​  Art Quilt Original Design: Any quilt using any technique or combination of techniques or materials in a non-traditional manner. No side may be smaller than 12 “. The entry is not limited to the number of participants to its finish nor is quilting a requirement but it must be an original design.
  • 1200:​  Art Quilt from a Pattern: Any quilt using any technique or combination of techniques or materials in a non-traditional manner. No side may be smaller than 12”. The entry is not limited to the number of participants to its finish nor is quilting a requirement. This category would represent works created from either a pattern and/or another artist’s product.
  • 1300:​  Dimensional Work: Including but not limited to: Dolls, 3D work, wearable’s, bags, etc. The participant must provide dress forms etc. if necessary to properly display Dimensional Work.
  • 1400:  ​Youth: Quilt made by a person 17 yrs. of age or younger at the time of submission to the 2019 QGGH Quilt Show. Entry may also be quilted by a second party. This category is open to friends, relatives, etc. assuming the maker meets the age requirement. (Please be reminded that non guild members can enter quilts in any category, including this one.  Please encourage your grandchildren, teenagers, nieces and nephews or young neighbors to enter!)
  • 1500:  Embellished: Any quilt any size that displays surface embellished in any manner other than appliqué. This category may include but is not limited to: Crazy Quilts, Hand Embroidery, Redwork, Beading, Fabric Collages, and/or Thread Painting.
  • 1600:​  Machine Embroidery: No size limitations, any construction technique where machine embroidery is integral to one or more of the following: decoration, construction and/or quilting.
  • 1700:​  Modern: A utility/bed quilt that relies on current bold, graphic fabrics and their unusual placement in the creative process. Typical characteristics that may be present: high contrast and graphic areas of solid color; improvisational piecing, minimalism and expansive use of negative space; asymmetry; exaggerated scale and cropping and/or interpretative use of classic quilt designs.  
  • 1800:​  Unconventional: Definition: not conventional; not bound by or conforming to convention, rule, or precedent; free from conventionality: an unconventional artist; an unconventional use of material. Your entry must consist of three layers, quilt top, batting and backing. Your entry does not require quilting but the three layers must be held together as one unit. Your use of “other than traditional woven or knit fabrics” to create (at minimum) your quilt top must be obvious. Your finished entry should display a binding of some fashion/technique. Your creative entry must not present a hazard in any fashion to the venue of judging, display or the viewing audience. It may not involve any form of living plant and/or animal, it must be smaller than 90” on the longest side and must not present with any discernible odor. Your entry must be approved by committee and must not contain and/or display offensive materials and/or depictions. Your entry must be able to be transported with ease from the drop off (Judging) location to the Show Venue. For further information regarding entry into this Category please contact QGGH 2019 Quilt Show Chair Elaine White.
  • 1900:​  Whole Cloth: A whole cloth quilt is made from one large piece of fabric as its top layer. No patchwork or appliqué is used in the quilt design. Embellishment relies on quilting motifs, and quilting stitches which are usually intricate and closely spaced. There are no size limitations in this category.
  • 2000:  2019 QGGH Member Challenge: Your entry must reflect your interpretation of the 2019 theme Joyof the Journey. Size must be 24” square. Definition of Joy: full of happiness and joy. Definition of Journey: this can be a destination, your personal journey, mode of transportation. This category may be judged by a “Guest Panel” rather than the 2019 Certified (s Judge(s) employed by the Guild. Please note this category is not eligible for Ribbon Consideration by the Certified Judge).
  • 2100:  Non-Judged: All entries are “other than the 2019 QGGH Challenge” and must be approved for display by committee. Any size, any construction technique of a quilt in this category could be acceptable. Entries may be limited due to venue space constraints therefore acceptance into this category does not guarantee display at the QGGH 2019 Joy of Quilts Show. This category may include display of Vintage Quilts. Please note this category is not eligible for Ribbon Consideration by the Certified Judge(s).
  • Note:  Please be reminded that non-guild members can enter quilts in any category in this show with the exception of #2000, the QGGH Member Challenges. See Entry Rules and Regulations when they are made available. There will be one First Place ribbon given for Best of Show Machine Quilting and one First Place ribbon given for Best of Show Hand Quilting. These are in addition to the Overall Best of Show.

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