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Vendors Rules and Regs

Joy of Quilts

A quilt show presented by
Quilt Guild of Greater Houston
Stafford Centre-10505 Cash Rd
Stafford, TX 77477

May 5 & 6, 2017



The application for space and the formal notice of assignment by the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston (QGGH) for the 2017 show “Joy of Quilts” constitute a contract for the right to use the space allotted.  In the event of fire, strikes, or other uncontrollable circumstances, rendering the building unfit or unavailable for use, this contract will not be binding.


Booth rental is $275. A minimum deposit of $150 per space must be sent with the contract.  In order to receive a 10% discount, full payment must be made prior to January 31, 2017. If you pre-pay for your exhibit space in full, half of the exhibit rental will be refunded if cancellation notice is received before March 31, 2017. No refund will be made for cancellation after March 31, 2017.


QGGH agrees to provide to the Vendor a single (10’ x 10’) booth with one 8’ x 30” table (no skirt included), 2 chairs, and one ID sign.


Show hours will be from 10 am – 6 pm on Friday, May 5, 2017, 9 am – 4 pm on Saturday, May 6, 2017.  Vendors must be set up and operational by 8 am on Friday, May 5.   On Saturday, May 6, vendors may be admitted at 8 am.  QGGH reserves the right to make such modifications in the exhibit hours as may be necessary to meet program needs.


Move-in appointments will be used for set-up/unloading on Thursday, May 4th.  Appointments will be sent to vendors by April 14th.  Vendors must use their appointed time to move in. If unable to meet the appointed time, move-in will be at end of day, or as the schedule opens up.  This schedule should alleviate a long waiting period for use of the dock and loading areas if everyone adheres to the schedule. The show area closes at 6 pm and will re-open to vendors at 7:30 am Friday, May 5th.   Any space not claimed and occupied before 6 pm on Thursday, May 4th may be reassigned without refund of rental paid, unless previous arrangements have been made with QGGH.

         5. SECURITY

QGGH will provide security during the hours the exhibit area is open.  However, the vendor is solely responsible for his own exhibit material. No responsibility is assumed for goods left in the exhibit hall after the closing hour of the exhibit. It is suggested that the vendor carry insurance covering loss or damage to the vendor’s materials.


 Wall, column, and permanent building outlets are not part of booth space and are not to be used by exhibitors unless specified otherwise.  The use of open clip sockets, latex or lamp cord wire, duplex attachment plugs in exhibits is prohibited.  Electrical power for lights and displays will be turned on one hour prior to show opening time and turned off at show closing times daily. All exhibitors' cords must be of the 3 wire grounded type. All exposed non-current carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which are liable to be energized, shall be grounded. Advance orders must be received a minimum of ten days prior to exhibitor arrival for move in. If electric service is ordered at the event, cost will be an additional $30.  ($40 in advance, $70 day of setup)

           7. INTERNET SERVICE

Advance orders must be received a minimum of ten days prior to exhibitor arrival for move in.  If internet service is ordered at event, cost will be an additional $15 per Wi-Fi Connection. ($30 in advance, $45 day of setup.) Internet usage is password protected and cannot be shared with non-authorized users. Laptops must have wireless automatic detection settings "enabled" before password can be entered by Stafford Centre’s Event Manager.


All demonstrations, interviews, or other sales activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibit booth. No vendor shall assign, sublet, or share the whole or any part of the space allotted without prior approval of QGGH. No vendor is permitted to show goods other than those manufactured or dealt in by him/her in regular course of business. Displays shall not be placed in such manner as to interfere with other vendors. Nothing shall be displayed beyond the assigned booth space.


Exhibits which include the operation of musical instruments, radios, sound systems, or any noise-making machines must be conducted or arranged so that the noise resulting from the demonstrations will not annoy or disturb adjacent vendors and their patrons. Operators or noisemaking exhibits must secure approval of operating methods before the exhibit opens.  No balloons may be used in the exhibit hall.

           10. LIABILITY

Neither QGGH or the Stafford Centre, nor their representatives or agents will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the vendor or to the vendor’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever. The vendor, on signing the contract, expressly releases the foregoing names, organization and individuals from any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury. 


Circulars or advertising matter of any description of the vendor’s products may be distributed and patronage may be solicited only within the booth assigned to the vendor presenting such material unless otherwise approved in advance by QGGH. No firm or organization not assigned space in the exhibit area will be permitted to solicit business in any manner within the exhibit hall.

         12. DISMANTLING

The vendor expressly agrees not to dismantle the exhibit or do any packing before the final closing hour of the exhibit, which is 4 pm, Saturday, May 6th.  Goods must be removed from the exhibit hall by 7pm, Saturday, May 6th. Vendors must check out with assigned QGGH member prior to leaving premises.


QGGH reserves the right to restrict exhibits which because of noise, method of operation or any reason, become objectionable, and also to prohibit or evict any exhibit, which in the opinion of QGGH may detract from the general character of the exhibit as a whole.  The reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter, or anything of a character which QGGH determines is objectionable to the exhibit.  In the event of such restrictions or eviction, QGGH is not liable for any vendor expense.


Vendors, or their agents, shall not injure or deface the walls or floors of the building, the booths, or the equipment of the booths.  When such damage appears, the vendor is liable to QGGH. 

THESE REGULATIONS become a part of the contract between the vendor and QGGH.  QGGH respectfully asks the full cooperation of the vendors in their observance.  All points not covered are subject to the decision of QGGH.

**Special Accommodations

If you need special accommodations addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact us before the opening date of the show.

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