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2017 Entry Rules

Quilt Guild of Greater Houston

              May 5 & 6, 2017



  • Entries may not have been displayed in any quilt show in the State of Texas within the last thirteen (13) months.  However, if a quilt has been shown at a previous QGGH quilt show, regardless of the year shown, it is not eligible for the entry to this show.
  • A guild member may enter only ONE quilt into the non judged category.
  •  Each entry shall consist of: Completed Entry Form; Fees; Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and a clear Printed Photo of the Entry - Print entrant’s name, entry title and size dimensions of entry on the back of the photo. If submitted via e-mail, photo must be on separate page with entrant’s name, entry title and size dimensions listed.  Fees and a self-addressed stamped envelope must be turned in at QGGH meeting or mailed via post office.
  •  In-person acceptance of entry forms will begin at the January daytime and evening QGGH meetings.   .  All entry forms, photos, and applicable fees must be received by March 24, 2017 either at a meeting or through the mail.
  •  Number of entries will be limited based on space considerations. Confirmation of acceptance and Check-in information will be mailed to entrants by April 14, 2017.
  •  QGGH members have no limit in the number of items entered; non-QGGH members may enter three (3). Entry fee for QGGH members is $10 per item. For non-QGGH members, entry fee is $20 per item. Entry fees are non-refundable after April 7, 2017.
  •  If entry is to be mailed/shipped back to entrant; a $20 fee must be included with entry form.
  • Each entry may have only ONE entrant. The name on the “Entrant” line must match the release signature on the form. Entrant must either be the owner of the item entered or must have been involved in the making of the item.
  • Each Entrant will be given a receipt for items that are checked in. Receipt MUST be presented to claim items at the end of the show. No entry will be released without a receipt. All entries must remain on display for the entire show. If someone other than entrant is picking up the entries after the show, that person must have receipt and permission in writing by the entrant to retrieve the show entries.
  •  By entering a quilt, permission is granted to the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston (QGGH) for right to photograph the entry for its files, publicity or promotional purposes in all media types. This permission remains in effect and on file until revoked IN WRITING. I understand that I am responsible for insuring my own entry (entries). I, and all those claiming through me, hereby release QGGH and its members from all liability in connection with the display and use of the described entry.  I understand that no responsibility for loss or damage to my entry (entries) will be assumed by QGGH, its officers, agents or volunteers. 

                    LABELS: Each entry must have a label.

The label must include your name, title of the entry, and address. Please SEW labels securely to quilts on the lower left corner in the back. SEW labels securely to garments on the inside of the garment and attach securely to dolls or 3-D items under the base of the items. For judging, labels must be covered with fabric (please baste in place - do not use pins) so that maker(s) of items will remain anonymous during judging.


Example of label placement. 




SLEEVES: No quilts will be accepted at check-in without a hanging sleeve! All quilts must have a sleeve stitched to the top of the quilt on the back for hanging the quilt. 

Wall-hangings and large quilts need a 4” or larger sleeve placed just under the binding at the top of the quilt. 



Quilts longer than 86” must have a sleeve attached no more than 86” from the bottom of the quilt.

Miniature quilts must have a 2” or larger sleeve for hanging.

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